Terms of Membership Policy

These terms are incorporated into OpenSky's Merchant Agreement at https://www.opensky.com/content/general/merchant-agreement (or any successor website) (“Merchant Agreement”) and are governed by such Merchant Agreement. Merchant’s use of any OpenSky services is subject to the Merchant Agreement in its entirety. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Merchant Agreement. These terms were last updated on December 6, 2017.

Membership Plans.

Merchants may purchase ​a monthly or annual subscription to a paid listing plan under one of the Membership Plans, as further set forth below. Unless a Merchant opts out of auto-renewal, which may be done through the Merchant account settings, any subscriptions will renew automatically for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected for the Membership Plan, at the then-current non-promotional rate. Subscriptions are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (as per the option selected by the Merchant when subscribing to one of the Membership Plans) and are non-refundable, provided that if a Merchant terminates a subscription, such Merchant may continue to use the Membership Plan until the end of the then-current term; Merchant’s subscription will not be renewed after the then-current term expires.

Payment Authorization.

When signing up for a Membership Plan, Merchant agrees that ​OpenSky may process Merchant’s credit card or other authorized payment method on each monthly, annual, or other renewal term (based on the applicable billing cycle), on the calendar day corresponding to the first day of the applicable subscription term and each successive renewal period, as applicable. For clarity, if a Merchant’s paid monthly subscription to a Membership Plan begins on a day not contained in the subsequent month (e.g., Merchant’s service began on December 30 and there is no February 30), OpenSky will process Merchant’s payment on the last day of such month. Merchant may elect to cancel or downgrade a Membership Plan at any time. Merchant’s non-termination or continued use of the services under a Membership Plan reaffirms that OpenSky is authorized to charge Merchant’s credit card or other authorized payment method for such Membership Plan. OpenSky may submit such charges for payment and Merchant shall be responsible for such charges, provided that the foregoing does not waive OpenSky’s right to seek payment directly from Merchant.

OpenSky Membership Plans

Pro Plan
Subscription Fee, $39.95 monthly (or $379 yearly)

Enterprise Plan
Subscription Fee, $999.00 monthly

Additional Membership Plan details are available at: https://www.opensky.com/merchant/join/plans

Unpaid Accounts.

If payment for the foregoing is not received within thirty (30) calendar days of the billing date of any invoice provided by OpenSky, ​OpenSky will automatically revoke the Merchant’s access to its Merchant account. OpenSky reserves the right to withhold any monies owed, at its discretion, to cover any payments owed to OpenSky. OpenSky may or may not contact Merchant directly to notify Merchant Customer of its unpaid account.


Should Merchant elect to upgrade its Membership Plan, the billing date of the next renewal period will remain the same; however, Merchant will be billed immediately for the pro-rata portion of the subscription fee corresponding to the upgraded Membership Plan for the remainder of the current billing period. For example, if a month-to-month Merchant is billed on October 9th for a Membership Plan from October 9th to November 8th, and such Merchant’s account is upgraded effective on October 30th, then such Merchant will be charged immediately for the pro-rata usage of the upgraded Membership Plan from October 30th to November 8th. On November 9th such Merchant will be charged for the full monthly subscription fee corresponding to the upgraded Membership Plan.


Should Merchant elect to downgrade its Membership Plan, the downgrade will take effect on the commencement of the next renewal period. For clarity, OpenSky DOES NOT provide credits or refunds on downgrades that are effective during the applicable billing period (whether such period is a month, quarter or year). For example, if a month-to-month Merchant is billed on October 9th for a Membership Plan from October 9th to November 8th and such Merchant downgrades the Membership Plan effective on October 30th, then the downgrade will take effect on the next billing date, i.e. November 9th.

​Refund Policy

OpenSky does not provide any refunds for fees related to accounts and memberships outside of the membership initiation window. The membership initiation window is 48 hours from sign-up for all monthly plans and 7 days from sign-up for all yearly plans. These are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on Merchant’s selected billing preference).

A Merchant may downgrade its Membership Plan at anytime, but OpenSky will not issue credits for the prepaid fees on the Merchant’s account. ​See Upgrades and Downgrades for details.

No credits or refunds are issued for cancelled yearly plans, as cancellations take effect at the end of the one-year commitment.

Updated: December 6, 2017